Areon Chamber Music Institute



The Areon Chamber Music Institute offers a tailor-made experience for musicians of all ages, interest, training, and ability: from the highly motivated, competitive player to those who just want to have fun. It's a low time commitment and high reward program for students of all levels!

Chamber music teaches communication, tolerance, empathy, and leadership -- all essential tools as students develop in a musical setting and as they participate in their communities. Because there are no conductors and only one player on each part, students learn decision-making and effective communication in a small group setting. Additionally, students hone leadership and build confidence knowing they are responsible for their designated part. As students take these skills back to their school classrooms and beyond, not only do band directors see a direct benefit from the rise of skill level, but communities benefit from young citizens’ improved life-building skills.

ACMI Alumni have won several national, regional, and California state competitions, including the National Flute Association High School Soloist Competition, MTAC's VOCE Intermediate and Senior Chamber Music Competition, and MTNA Senior Soloist Competition. They've held positions in San Francisco Youth Symphony, California Youth Symphony, El Camino Youth Symphony, and San Jose Youth Symphony, National Flute Association High School Flute Choir Competition, and they have been accepted to top-ranked universities across the nation. 

In chamber music, everyone has a say, and everyone has an equally important voice.



Students who would like to compete in any competition (e.g. VOCE Chamber Music Competition, CMEA Chamber Music Competition, or ABRSM Chamber Music Certificate). This is an intense and fun session to work towards preparing pieces to a competitive standard. Competition and recital are required.


Students who would like to gain experience and chamber music skills.  Recital is required.


Students under 12 years old who have limited or no chamber music experience are welcome. In this "bootcamp" setting, students will learn basic chamber music skills, basic stage presence, how to rehearse, tune, and listen to other parts while playing their own part, as well as how to move/communicate while playing. Students will not compete, but will work on a short piece to perform in the recital.



Fall Session, closed

For Options 1 & 2 Winter Session: due to competition and coaches scheduling students must be available for all dates listed:

Friday 1/5/18, 4-7pm
Sunday 1/14/18, 4-7pm
Sunday 1/21/18, 4-7pm
Friday 1/26/18, 4-7pm

For Option 3 (chamber music beginners bootcamp OR students under 12 years old)

Friday 1/5/18, 4-5pm
Sunday 1/14/18, 4-5pm
Sunday 1/21/18, 4-5pm
Friday 1/26/18, 4-5pm

All coachings take place on Fridays and Sundays listed above at West Valley Music in downtown Mountain View. Attendance is mandatory at all coachings; no make-up sessions will be offered.


**Mandatory recital date for bootcamp and both ACMI tiers is 1/27/18 (time & location TBA)**

**VOCE competition date is Sunday 1/28/18 in Palo Alto (times TBA)**


Tuition per Session:

$240 (all students)

$212 (Chamber Music for Beginners Bootcamp students)

Audition Fee: $30 (mandatory for all students)

Sheet music, competition, and audition fees are separate from tuition fees.


Audition Day:

12/3/17 at West Valley Music

If you are unavailable for this date, please contact:


Audition Requirements:

Prepare a piece that demonstrates your level of proficiency. Major and minor scales as well as sight-reading will be asked.


Winter 2018 Session Application Deadline:

11/29/17, NO exceptions

The Spring Session takes place in March and is only for established groups for CMEA preparation and groups that advance to VOCE state competition.

Winter 2018 Session Application Form


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Trio for Flutes by Harald Genzmer (Mvt. 1: Andante) and Trio for Flutes by Anton Reicha (Mvt. 1: Allegro). Performed by Cynthia Wang, Aja Hartman and Megan Fok.

Song of the Bard by Ralph Guenther, Concerto in A Major by J.B. Boismotier (Mvt. 1: Allegro, Mvt. 2: Andante, Mvt. 3: Vivo). Performed by Luisa Brown, Jessica Chen, Jasmine Deng, Kaylan Huang, and Kalie Oku.