14th Annual Areon Summer Flute Institute

July 15-20, 2018

Early bird tuition (received by April 30, 2018): $425

after April 30, 2018: $490

late registration (June 25-July 8): $506

Please note that the location has been changed from Egan Middle School to:
Blach Intermediate School
1120 Covington Rd, Los Altos, CA 

3:30-5:30pm Sunday
9am-3:30pm Monday-Friday
with final concert at 2:30pm on Friday

Tap into your creativity and improve your flute playing at a one-of-a-kind summer music experience! Beginner through collegiate level students are welcome to explore and develop their skill through eclectic class offerings and a core emphasis on chamber music. We’ll help you fine-tune the art of flute playing, gain leadership and team building skills, and develop lasting friendships.

About ASFI

The week-long Institute takes place every summer in the South Bay and is open to flute players of all levels, age 9 through collegiate. It is divided into Junior and Senior camps, so that younger students can focus more on the fun of learning musical skills, while older/more advanced students have a more rigorous academic experience. Both camps interact with one another through a Big/Little Sis/Bro system, where younger students gain confidence through bonding with older students, and older students gain additional leadership experience. The camp ends with a family-friendly outdoor performance at Santana Row in San Jose on Friday, July 20th.

 2017 camp counselors' quartet

2017 camp counselors' quartet

The Areon Summer Flute Institute was created to provide an inclusive, specialized educational opportunity for those who have a passion for playing the flute at any level. Our goals for participants include: instilling a sense of leadership and independence while working together within a chamber music setting; communication skills, whether verbal, non-verbal, or through the music itself; flute skill building; music history lessons; and leadership/job-training opportunities for high-school and college-aged students (through counselor and TA positions). Students will gain more confidence, leadership capabilities, and other character building skills.  Our program seeks to fill in gaps for those who may not be able to afford private lessons as well as those who seek further inspiration and experience outside of what their schools offer. In chamber music, everyone has a say, and everyone has an equally important voice. We stress these concepts to our students as they learn to play music together and take these skills out into the world.


Junior Level

age 9* through 8th grade

The Junior level, for beginning and intermediate students, helps young flutists develop their musical potential in a fun and supportive environment.

Junior level activities include:

  • chamber music
  • warm-up/technique classes
  • ear training
  • flute choir
  • water olympics!
  • arts and crafts
  • team games

AUDITION (on the first day of class):

Sight-reading plus a scale of your choice,


Sight-reading and the entire first page of Scherzino by J. Andersen (download the page here.)

* Students younger than 9 years old must sent a pre-audition recording of their favorite piece, plus a paragraph statement about why they would like to attend ASFI to: contact@areonflutes.com


Senior Level

8th grade* through college

The Senior level, for advanced flutists, provides a stimulating, encouraging, and fun environment for students to focus on their musical goals. Senior Level students can choose to enroll in the Senior Competitive Tier (audition required) or the Senior Open (non-competitive) Tier. All participants are exposed to a wide range of musical subjects relevant to flute studies.

Senior level activities include:

  • chamber music
  • repertoire class
  • ear training
  • warm-up/technique class
  • solo competition (Competitive Tier only)
  • masterclass
  • water olympics!

AUDITION (on the first day of class):

Senior Open:

  • Sight reading
  • Two major scales of your choice, 2 octaves, slurred and tongued.
  • The entire first page of Scherzino by J. Andersen (download the page here.)

Competitive Tier:

  • Sight-reading
  • All major and minor scales, slurred and tongued, in sixteenth notes at quarter note = 100.
  • Numbers 3 and 5 from Eight Pieces, Op. 59 by Lowell Liebermann. You can purchase the Liebermann at West Valley Music.

* Students younger than 8th grade who would like to participate in the Senior division must send a pre-audition recording of one movement or etude which demonstrates their level, plus a paragraph statement about why they would like to be in the Senior division to: contact@areonflutes.com

 One of many 2017 Water Olympics events!

One of many 2017 Water Olympics events!

Why Chamber Music?

Chamber music teaches communication, tolerance, empathy, and leadership -- all essential tools as students develop in a musical setting and as they participate in their communities. Because there are no conductors and only one player on each part, students learn decision-making and effective communication in a small group setting. Additionally, students hone leadership and build confidence knowing they are responsible for their designated part. As students take these skills back to their school classrooms and beyond, not only do band directors see a direct benefit from the rise of skill level, but communities benefit from young citizens’ improved life-building skills.

 2017 Junior campers rehearsing their team skit.

2017 Junior campers rehearsing their team skit.

Scholarships and Counselor/Teaching Assistant Information


West Valley Music Scholarship

This scholarship, generously donated by West Valley Music in Mountain View, CA, will provide one student with a full scholarship to the Areon Summer Flute Institute. Students must demonstrate both talent and financial need by submitting the following:

  • Students must currently be taking lessons at West Valley Music.
  • A recording of two contrasting pieces in different styles and tempi which demonstrate the applicant's level;
  • A current musical resume or bio;
  • An essay explaining:
    • What the applicant hopes to gain from attending ASFI;
    • and a statement of financial need written by either the student or the parent (must be signed by a parent/guardian) OR a copy of their parents' 2016 or 2017 tax return

Email the recordings and resume/bio (and statement of financial need, if you choose) to contact@areonflutes.com. If you're sending a tax return, mail to: Areon Flutes, 55 Taylor St., San Francisco, CA, 94102. All materials must be received by April 30, 2018.

Areon Need-based Scholarship

Areon Flutes will provide a limited number of partial scholarships to students in need of financial assistance. Students of all levels (beginning-advanced) are eligible. Students must submit:

  • A recording of one piece;
  • A copy of the applicant’s current musical resume or bio;
  • A statement of financial need written by either the student or the parent (must be signed by a parent/guardian) OR a copy of their parent’s 2016 or 2017 tax return.

Email the recording and resume/bio (and statement of financial need, if you choose) to contact@areonflutes.com. If you're sending a tax return, mail to: Areon Flutes, 55 Taylor St., San Francisco, CA, 94102. All materials are due April 30, 2018.


Counselors and Teaching Assistant Positions


If you are applying for a scholarship or Counselor or Teaching Assistant position, you must submit your application as well as the additional materials listed below, by April 15, 2018.

Areon Flutes will select a total of 2-6 exceptional young adults for the positions of counselor and teaching assistant (TA).  We are looking for enthusiastic flute fanatics who aren’t afraid to turn up the spirit to encourage and inspire younger campers, and set an example for older peer campers! Counselors will be responsible for leading small teams of Junior campers in crafts, skits, and games.  TA’s will hold the same responsibilities of counselors in addition to teaching some small classes to Junior campers, such as warm-up and/or flute choir. Detailed job descriptions will be sent out upon acceptance as counselor or TA.

Counselor and TA Application Instructions:

  • Student must be between the ages of 15-22 (for counselor) or 18-22 (for TA) and possess strong leadership abilities, initiative, and the desire to work closely with and encourage younger children.
  • Send a video performance of one movement/piece demonstrating your level via a public youtube link.
  • Write a personal statement describing why you are the best candidate for a the position (specify counselor or TA), including relevant skills and background experience.
  • Create a commercial for Areon Summer Institute via a public YouTube link. This should be an advertisement for ASFI as you see it through the eyes of a student, to be between 1-3 minutes in length. If you have not attended ASFI before, you can make your commercial based on what you hope to gain from attending the Institute. Your link will be public, so we will be looking for creativity and professionalism. Extra points for enthusiasm!

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

All students accepted as counselors will receive a partial scholarship (exact amount tba).  

One student selected to be TA will receive free tuition and a $500 stipend for housing.

Email the links of your performance, commercial, and your personal statement to contact@areonflutes.com by April 30, 2018.

Fill out the Application Form by April 30th but wait to send your tuition check until we have made our counselor/TA selections. Students who apply on time but are not selected will still receive the early application discount.


"It is with sincere pleasure I write this letter of support for Areon Summer Flute Institute. I have known the members of the Areon Flutes and their wonderful work since the inception. Areon is truly one of the great talents in our field, as well as have a passion for young people that has propelled many students at our school and in our area during the last several years. This past year, we have had two Saratoga High School students in particular make a complete turnaround in their overall performance and self-confidence. I know a major ingredient was the experience with the Areon Summer Flute Institute. Many of our students at Saratoga High School have benefitted from their experience with the Areon Flutes, and the Areon Summer Flute Institute in particular has been a catalyst in helping them achieve theirs goals, such as all-state, county honor band, and a greater sense of overall confidence and pedagogy. This past January, 50% of the flute players in the prestigious Santa Clara County Honor Band were alumni of the Areon Summer Flute Institute. As well, many of these same students are also members of the California All-State Band." 

—Michael Boitz
Chair and head Band Director Saratoga High School Performing Arts

"The Areon Summer Flute Institute was a really great place for me to learn about music and flute. All the teachers knew a lot and the classes and electives were really informative and fun. Also, being at the Institute with great friends was just so incredible and is something that every flutist should really go through. It was definitely an unforgettable week of my life."

—Michelle Huang
ASFI Alumni 2006-08, 2010 SCCBDA Concerto winner soloist, principal flute CYS Senior Symphony 2009-10 & principal second flute CYS Senior Symphony 2008-09, principal flute Lynbrook High Wind Ensemble 2007-10, principal flute 2010 CBDA All-State Wind Ensemble (2008 and 2009 Wind Ensemble placement), 2nd piccolo 2010 CBDA All-State Symphony Orchestra (also 2008 principal piccolo), music major fall 2010 school TBA

"The Areon Summer Flute Institute helped me tremendously with my playing by giving me so many different opportunities to practice performing. In this way, I was able to receive valuable feedback on my style and technique from both my peers and from accomplished flutists, and I was also able to gain more confidence on the stage - something that I think helped me after my participation in the Institute in standing out that much more in future auditions and competitions. I also think that the Institute pushed forward my level of playing because we worked not only on perfecting pieces that are a part of the standard repertoire but also on modern compositions with extended techniques, which I think challenged and in the end advanced my abilities on the flute. A final aspect of the Areon Summer Flute Institute that I loved was how many of my closest friends in the flute world I was able to make there. From these friendships, I have reached out to form different chamber music groups that I think have also helped me as a flutist to learn more about how to play well in group settings."

—Cynthia Tsai
ASFI Alumni 2006-07 and Counselor 2008, principal flute CYS Senior Symphony 2006-09, principal flute St. Frances High Wind Ensemble 2005-09, Harvard University Class of 2013

"Though I didn't enter the music profession, I still look back to the Summer Institute for what I've learned about team work, dedication, and leadership. Also, not only did I learn so much from participating in the Areon Summer Flute Institute but it introduced me to inspiring role models and lifetime friends."

—Jenny Chen
ASFI Alumni 2006 and Counselor 2007, assistant principal flute Saratoga High Wind Ensemble 2005-07, Stanford University Class of 2011