Areon Summer Flute Institute

The Areon Summer Flute Institute provides a unique summer music institute experience for elementary through collegiate flutists. 

Experience creativity unleashed!

Thank you to our campers and camp counselors for another terrific Summer Flute Institute! 2017 was a blast! Please check back in the early Spring for information about the 2018 Institute.

In the meantime, check out our photos from 2017!

Innovative, fun, motivational, inspirational: the 13th Annual Areon Summer Flute Institute is a one-of-a-kind summer music experience.  Beginner through collegiate level students are welcome to explore and develop their skill through eclectic class offerings and a core emphasis on chamber music.  We provide a comprehensive approach to flute technique and musicianship while students fine-tune the art of flute playing, gain leadership and team building skills, and develop lasting friendships. 

Junior Level

age 9* through 8th grade

The Junior level, for beginning and intermediate students, helps young flutists develop their musical potential in a fun and supportive environment. Students are introduced to a wide array of musical topics with an emphasis on having fun. We explore the concepts of flute technique, chamber music, flute choir, and team building. Students are prepared for the upcoming school year and provided with a solid foundation for a lifetime of musicianship.

AUDITION (on the first day of class):

All juniors will be given sight-reading, plus
a scale of your choice, 
Moderato Etude by Taffanel (click here to download). 
Please prepare the selection (scale or Etude) that best demonstrates your level. 


* Students younger than 9 years old must sent a pre-audition recording of their favorite piece, plus a paragraph statement about why they would like to attend ASFI to:


Senior Level

8th grade* through college

The Senior level, for advanced flutists, provides a rigorous and stimulating environment that encourages students to focus on their musical goals. Senior Level students may choose to enroll in the Senior Competitive Tier or the Senior Open (non-competitive) Tier. Participants are exposed to a wide range of musical subjects relevant to flute studies, including repertoire class, technique class, chamber music, and electives. 

AUDITION FOR BOTH SENIOR LEVELS (on the first day of class):

Sight reading and
Two major scales of your choice, 2 octaves, slurred and tongued

Concerto in G Major, 1st mvt., exposition only, by Quantz 
All major and minor scales, slurred and tongued, in sixteenth notes at quarter note = 100

* Students younger than 8th grade who would like to participate in the Senior division must send a pre-audition recording of one movement or etude which demonstrates their level, plus a paragraph statement about why they would like to be in the Senior division to:


"It is with sincere pleasure I write this letter of support for Areon Summer Flute Institute. I have known the members of the Areon Flutes and their wonderful work since the inception. Areon is truly one of the great talents in our field, as well as have a passion for young people that has propelled many students at our school and in our area during the last several years. This past year, we have had two Saratoga High School students in particular make a complete turnaround in their overall performance and self-confidence. I know a major ingredient was the experience with the Areon Summer Flute Institute. Many of our students at Saratoga High School have benefitted from their experience with the Areon Flutes, and the Areon Summer Flute Institute in particular has been a catalyst in helping them achieve theirs goals, such as all-state, county honor band, and a greater sense of overall confidence and pedagogy. This past January, 50% of the flute players in the prestigious Santa Clara County Honor Band were alumni of the Areon Summer Flute Institute. As well, many of these same students are also members of the California All-State Band." 

—Michael Boitz
Chair and head Band Director Saratoga High School Performing Arts

"The Areon Summer Flute Institute was a really great place for me to learn about music and flute. All the teachers knew a lot and the classes and electives were really informative and fun. Also, being at the Institute with great friends was just so incredible and is something that every flutist should really go through. It was definitely an unforgettable week of my life."

—Michelle Huang
ASFI Alumni 2006-08, 2010 SCCBDA Concerto winner soloist, principal flute CYS Senior Symphony 2009-10 & principal second flute CYS Senior Symphony 2008-09, principal flute Lynbrook High Wind Ensemble 2007-10, principal flute 2010 CBDA All-State Wind Ensemble (2008 and 2009 Wind Ensemble placement), 2nd piccolo 2010 CBDA All-State Symphony Orchestra (also 2008 principal piccolo), music major fall 2010 school TBA

"The Areon Summer Flute Institute helped me tremendously with my playing by giving me so many different opportunities to practice performing. In this way, I was able to receive valuable feedback on my style and technique from both my peers and from accomplished flutists, and I was also able to gain more confidence on the stage - something that I think helped me after my participation in the Institute in standing out that much more in future auditions and competitions. I also think that the Institute pushed forward my level of playing because we worked not only on perfecting pieces that are a part of the standard repertoire but also on modern compositions with extended techniques, which I think challenged and in the end advanced my abilities on the flute. A final aspect of the Areon Summer Flute Institute that I loved was how many of my closest friends in the flute world I was able to make there. From these friendships, I have reached out to form different chamber music groups that I think have also helped me as a flutist to learn more about how to play well in group settings."

—Cynthia Tsai
ASFI Alumni 2006-07 and Counselor 2008, principal flute CYS Senior Symphony 2006-09, principal flute St. Frances High Wind Ensemble 2005-09, Harvard University Class of 2013

"Though I didn't enter the music profession, I still look back to the Summer Institute for what I've learned about team work, dedication, and leadership. Also, not only did I learn so much from participating in the Areon Summer Flute Institute but it introduced me to inspiring role models and lifetime friends."

—Jenny Chen
ASFI Alumni 2006 and Counselor 2007, assistant principal flute Saratoga High Wind Ensemble 2005-07, Stanford University Class of 2011