International Chamber Music Competition

Started in 2005, the International Chamber Music Competition has been an integral part of Areon's mission to make flute chamber music an equal voice in the chamber music world. Each division serves our mission by involving instrumentalists and composers in our goal to leave a new and diversified chamber music legacy.


Composition Division

The Composition Division of the International Chamber Music Competition is now called the Areon Flutes Commissioning Prize.


Performance Division

The Performance Division encourages young musicians to explore chamber music and its possibilities. It provides a goal for students seeking to foster their love of music and helps to build confidence while nurturing their development as overall musicians. By encouraging students at young ages to participate in chamber music, we hope to build a lifetime of appreciation and love for the genre.


2010 Winners

High School Division
1st:  Annie Wu and Winston Young
2nd: Pavitra Rengarajan and Stephen Koo
3rd: Michelle Huang and Mai Mizuno
Honorable Mention: Presilla Kim, Charity Lehman, Alison Sale

Young Artist Division
1st: Cindy Lin, Apoorva Rengan, and Emily Zheng
2nd: Katie Holliday, Emma Neiman, and Joyce Wen

Junior Artist Division
Luisa Brown and Kalie Oku

Collegiate Division
University of Oregon Woodwind Quintet: Cassie Lear, Leslie Treber, Alane Thayer, Becca Olasan, Brian McKee

Judges: Claudia Anderson and Jill Felber, acclaimed members of ZAWA!


2009 Winners

High School Division (tie)
Pavitra Rengarajan and Lulu Zhong
Cheryl Chi and Jason Hsu

Young Artist Division
Haelin Cho, Catherine Han, Cindy Lin and Ali Png

Junior Artist Division
Katherine Shan, Caroline Young and Kelly Shi

Judges: Valerie Potter and Kevin Vigneau


2008 Winners

High School Division Winners
Rebecca Andersen, Olivia Chock, Cheryl Chi, and Erica Zhao

Young Artist Division
Pavitra Rengarajan, fl and Xiaolu Zhong, bn

Judges: Brian Dowdy and Jenny Krueger


2007 Winners

High School Division
Juri Sakaguchi, Ray Furuta, Lauren Osaka, and Elaine Sandoval

Young Artists Division
Nadine Herman and Kelcey Negus

Judges: Jill Felber, Paul Bambach, Karen Theilen


2006 Winners

High School Division
Judy Sol, Rachel Lee, Angela Wu

Young Artists Division
Emily Zheng, Katie Holiday

Judges: Meerenai Shim, Tamara Maddaford, Yair Samet