Works Commissioned by Areon Flutes

Areon Flutes have commissioned over 20 compositions since 2005

Aminikia, Sahba - Bade Saba

Barwick, Julie - Personal Space

Becker, Dan - Dreaming the Past

Benavides, Nicholas Lell - Copycat*

Boots, Cornelius - Chthonic Suite

Brown, Ryan - Get-Go

Castillo, Patrick - like the tide...*

Chamberlain, Nicole - Orion’s Belt

Choate, Eric - Miniatures for flute trio

Clay, Danny - Broken Birds

Clay, Danny - Echo Park

Colombo, Joseph - Spirals Slinkies Staircases

Grey, Mark - The Alluring Wave

Hoffman, Joel - Self Portrait with Orlando

Holland, Linda - Steppin' Out

Lillios, Elainie - Summer Sketches

Lobel, Hugh - The Lotus Machine

Logan, Emma - Three Sisters*

Rey, Ryan - The Lights*

Russell, Jonathan - Thriller (arrangement)

Sempert, Mike - One Tree Catching Light

Sempert, Mike - Uncanny Valley


*commissioned in collaboration with the Guerrilla Composers Guild