"Impeccable technique, purity of sound, great expressiveness and rhythmic precision,
characterize the very good flutists of Areon Flutes"
- Kathodik


“Memorable; they are a treat to all the senses.”
- New York Concert Review



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“The performances were committed and convincing throughout.”
- San Francisco Classical Voice


"Thrive is a fun exploration of new music in varied styles for flute trio,
a great display of virtuosity for all three performers,
and an apt description of Areon Flutes' presence on the new music/chamber scene."

- The Flutist Quarterly



Areon Flutes performs "Void of Day" from The Chthonic Flute Suite by Cornelius Boots.

Premiere of Elainie Lillios' "Summer Sketches" movement 2: "Dry Wind" at the 2013 National Flute Association National Convention in New Orleans 

Switchboard Presents Concert Series, May 16th, 2014 at the Center for New Music in San Francisco, CA. 


"The Areon Flutes ensemble plays with utterly pure intonation and tone
and produces an amazing blend of sounds from their respective instruments.
No Era] will be of definite interest to flute aficionados,
and likely also to anyone interested in new and exotic sounds
and well-conceived contemporary works."
- Fanfare


Thrive easily earns a spot in my top five albums of 2016.”
- New Classic LA



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