Review: "a great display of virtuosity"

Another rave review for Thrive! This time in the Summer 2017 issue of The Flutist Quarterly, the official magazine of the National Flute Association.

Here's an excerpt: 

"Jill Heinke, Kassey Plaha, and Sasha Launer - the flutists who comprise Areon Flutes - are truly masters of the instruments and of making excellent chamber music together. Each performer shines for technical ability as well as musical expressiveness, and they weave seamlessly in and out of each other's sounds in a way we all strive for when playing in small ensembles. 

I could be dismissive of this skill and say it's clear they've have 10 years of playing together, but it's more than that: they are all incredibly nimble, sensitive flutists who are truly making great art as Areon Flutes. Thrive is a fun exploration of new music in varied styles for flute trio, a great display of virtuosity for all three performers, and an apt description of Areon Flutes' presence on the new music/chamber scene."